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Hot Water Extraction

At Barefoot Carpet Care we use a Hot Water Extraction method for cleaning carpet. This method of carpet cleaning is more thorough, and protects your investment better than other methods. Hot Water Extraction is the carpet cleaning method recommended by most carpet manufacturers in the United States and the largest manufacturers of carpet in the world.
The maintenance brochure published by the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, recommends this method, because its own research indicates that it provides the best capability for cleaning.
Hot water extraction is known as a restorative cleaning, a restorative cleaning often refers to a sub-surface cleaning. This type of cleaning removes dirt, spills and odor, not just cover them up. Contaminants are flushed from the carpet such as dust, mites and other allergens. These methods often help with packing issues by heating and pulling on the carpet fibers. In order to maintain your warranty most carpet manufactures require a restorative cleaning, this is true for warranties from Shaw, Mohawk and other major carpet manufacturers.

Carpet Cleaner using a wandCarpet Cleaning

Tile and Grout - Carpet Cleaning MachineTile & Grout

Tired of dirty grout? Tired of not being able to get your floor super clean with a mop and a bucket? Wish you could find someone that could really get your grout clean? To get your tile & grout squeaky clean use our new Ceramic Tile Cleaning & Sealing System.
New technology allows us at Barefoot Carpet Care to use truck-mounted hot water extraction system on your tile and grout that will get maximum soil removal and maximum stain removal without leaving any sticky residues behind. Our top quality cleaning products will go to work on your floor, then, our truck-mounted hot water extraction rinsing will whisk away the dissolved dirt, grease and spots!
The old days of mops and tooth brushes are gone forever!!! The HOT water (200º+) flushes out more dirt than a mop and bucket ever could, and there’s no more worries about the sticky dirt attraction residue that a mop leaves behind. Our new technology allows us to clean your tile & grout with highly pressurized hot water with complete control and removal for The Most Thorough Cleaning Ever!

It’s important to fix the issue as soon as it is detected, for a couple of reasons. Animals have a tendency to use the bathroom where they detect the scent of urine or feces, so the problem could snowball and training the pup or kitten will be that much more difficult. Pet odor removal must also be done immediately because if the soiled patch of carpet is allowed to sit for too long, it will require more dramatic methods to get rid of it. If the animals are allowed to soil the flooring for weeks at a time, and the fabric is not cleaned thoroughly every time, the carpet may need to be replaced, which is significantly more expensive and obnoxious than dealing with the issue in the first place.

Contact Barefoot Carpet Care as soon as possible so we can apply an Enzyme Solution which digest the proteins found in dog and cat urine and fecal matter.

Most Stains can be removed by our Carpet Cleaning Professional Technicians. We carry a full range of Stain Removal products.

Carpet Cleaning - Cute Puppy enjoying Clean CarpetPet Odor/Stain Removal

Upholstery Cleaning Dallas - Fort WorthUpholstery Cleaning
and Fabric Protection

Barefoot Carpet Care uses the best cleaning methods. Our techniques safely and effectively deep clean and restore the beauty and vibrant colors of your upholstered furniture.  Different upholstery requires different cleaning techniques. Our technicians will recommend the appropriate cleaning method for your upholstery.
Testing To Match Your Cares
Safety and your desired results are our main concerns. Before the main job begins, we will test a small area of your upholstery to be absolutely sure that you will be happy with the results. Professional care is vital to protecting the major investment you’ve made in your fine furnishings. Barefoot Carpet Care skilled technicians have been thoroughly trained and tested on fiber identification and proper cleaning procedures.
Upholstery Fabric Protector
Always a recommended part of our total cleaning program. Fabric protector is the perfect solution for protecting your upholstery from soil and stains. It also helps to extend the life of upholstery by making the removal of dirt easier, and by helping restore stain blocking performance for easier food and spot removal.

Strongly recommended as part of our complete cleaning program, Carpet and Upholstery Protector. It is the perfect solution for protecting your carpet and upholstery from soil and stains. It also helps to extend the life of your carpet by making the removal of dirt easier, and by helping to restore stain blocking performance for easier food and spot removal.

Barefoot Carpet Care offers Carpet and Upholstery Protector, 3M Scotchgard or Dupont Teflon products designed to:

  1. Help protect against both water and oil based stains
  2. Help carpet fibers resist soiling
  3. Help spills blot up before they become stains
  4. Help stains release more easily when carpet and upholstery is Professionally Cleaned
  5. Help carpet and upholstery stay cleaner longer

Regular Professional Carpet Cleaning and reapplication of  Scotchgard or Dupont Teflon products also help with daily vacuuming, allowing your vacuum to remove more dust and debris than untreated carpets.

Scotchguard - Carpet Cleaner - ProtectorCarpet/Upholstery